31 — March 9, 2017


17103271_10155513212843797_466283029471324603_nThirty one weeks today! Can you believe it? I’m so grateful. This baby boy is growing and I just pray he continues to grow until his due date and that my body holds out 🙂 I’m feeling pretty good. I have the typical stuff: tired, occasional swelling, and peeing often. Other than that, I can’t complain. I’m just amazed by God’s goodness.

We had our shower this past weekend. Another reminder of how loved this baby and we are by our family and friends. This baby is blessed.

Tomorrow, we attempt to see our little tot…again. It’s our third attempt at the 4D ultrasound. The past 2 he’s been hiding his face in my uterus. Little stinker. Hopefully he’ll cooperate this time.

The LORD is my strength and my shield; my heart trusts in him, and he helps me. My heart leaps for joy, and with my song I praise him.– Psalm 28:7

Hot Mama — February 8, 2017

Hot Mama

So hubs and I just got back from our babymoon to St. Augustine. It was great. Short, but great. We walked around, explored, ate/drank yummy food, visited with old friends and relaxed. When we got home, we had an extra stay-cation day and decided to get massages. I’ve never had a massage before. I scheduled a prenatal one for me and a Swedish for the hubs. I was looking forward to it. When we got there, we had to fill out paperwork. I sat down in the lobby and didn’t realize that the sun was perfectly positioned while hitting the back of my head. As I finished up my paperwork, I could feel the heat on my back. I got up and handed the woman at the front desk my clipboard and started seeing stars. I was blacking out! I had to lay across 2 chairs while they got me water and a wet towel for my forehead. I’ve always had issues with the heat, but never this fast and INSIDE! I think it might have been a combination of heat, dehydration and being pregnant. Five minutes later I was fine, but a little embarrassed and shook up from my little episode. Overall, the massages were awesome, but I didn’t expect a life lesson beforehand. Lessons learned: take it easy, stay hydrated, humble and know that God’s got this and us 🙂

100 — January 30, 2017


Twenty five weeks and five days today. One hundred days to go! Unreal. Just unreal. God is good! I have my moments, crazy thoughts and feelings, but God continues to carry us. I have my glucose test on Wednesday. Was a bit nervous about it, but giving it over to God. He’s got this and us.

On a fun note, I bought some maternity jeans and a new bra yesterday and they are heavenly. SO comfortable. Hubs was so patient as I tried on almost everything in the store. Only to leave with 2 things. I also attempted to paint my toes yesterday. I was successful, but it was a bit difficult. Belly is getting big and it’s challenging to bend over. Looks like I’ll be getting pedis from here on out 🙂

Grateful for every day our baby boy grows and I feel his kicks. I’ll be grateful for every last one of these 100 days we have left before we meet our little gift. Praying he’ll come when he’s ready and no sooner or later. It’s all in God’s perfect timing…

6mo — January 22, 2017


Six months! It’s such a huge milestone for us. I was waiting for the 24 week mark. It feels amazing that we’re here. I feel grateful for every day this little miracle is growing inside me. There’s even gratitude for the constipation, heartburn, swollen ankles, and my ever growing tight tummy. They’re all wonderful experiences that I’ll take and say “thank you, Lord!”

With every kick I feel my heart swell. God did this. He is doing it. And as I write this, my fears creep in and remind me that we still have a ways to go and so many things can go wrong. But God has carried us the whole way. No matter what we endure, He will never abandon us.

“When you are grateful, fear disappears and abundance appears.” ― Anthony Robbins


22 — January 3, 2017


15781370_10209530651076305_6660187006759832546_nTomorrow we will be 22 weeks along. I’m so amazed and grateful. God is so good. When I think back on 2016 and how it started it’s miraculous how it concluded. We started out with our first failed IVF cycle and now with this baby boy growing inside me…I’ll say it again, GOD IS GOOD.

At this point, my cry control switch is officially broken. I cry just looking at my belly (happy tears). I’m stunned at what sets me off. I can be so happy one minute and then something as small as Panera running out of cream of chicken and wild rice soup makes me cry! I really wanted that soup.

Overall, feeling pretty good. I feel the baby more. Love it. Hubs has even felt him. Weird little pains and sensations happening daily, but I’ll take it. I ask God to help me focus on one day at a time and know that He will carry us as He has been all this time. Fears do cross my mind, but I continue to ask God to take them. Surrendering to Him is a daily, hourly, moment-by-moment task.

It is wonderful what miracles God works in wills that are utterly surrendered to Him. – Hannah Whitall Smith

21 — December 26, 2016


It’s been over 2 months since I last wrote here. So much to update on, but really the most important announcement is that we’re almost 21 weeks pregnant! Can you believe it? Last time I wrote, it was about our first ultrasound (which was tough). Since then, we’ve had about 10 more ultrasounds. The first trimester was a whirlwind. From our first one (last post), to having a subcutaneous hemorrhage, to a trip to the ER due to an incarcerated bladder…It was a roller coaster!

It was stressful, still is, but we’re so grateful to be where we are today. Also, we’re having a boy!


Thank you for all the support and prayers. It has sustained us. We are so thankful. Praise God and Merry Christmas to all!

Good + Bad News — September 22, 2016

Good + Bad News

First ultrasound today. Almost 7 weeks. Good news and bad news. Good news there’s a heart beat and it’s measuring appropriately for how far I am but it’s in the lower part of my uterus and the gestational sack is small. The fibroid has gotten bigger and quite possibly pushing on it. There’s a chance of miscarriage. Could also be considered cervical ectopic pregnancy which would mean termination. Doc is going to talk to his colleagues and get back to us on that one. We have another ultrasound in a week. We’re heartbroken but trying to remain hopeful.

Grateful for another day with our baby. 

It Happened — September 12, 2016

It Happened

So we had our 2 beta tests last week and we are PREGNANT! It’s truly a miracle. I’m still in shock. But it happened! To no surprise, I find myself gasping for air due to allergies and anxiety. I almost wish I had more symptoms to know everything was alright.

We are currently 5 weeks and our first ultrasound is September 22. Ahhhhh!!!! That’s crazy pants. Although, I’m writing about this here (for my readers that have followed me on this journey), we don’t plan to officially announce it to all our friends until we’re through the first trimester. We are so grateful for all the prayers that have come from all of you ❤ ❤ ❤

Twice as Grateful — August 25, 2016

Twice as Grateful

Yesterday we arrived at the clinic nervous, anxious and not sure what to expect. We had one normal embryo we were hoping to transfer and another we had to re-biopsy. They were running behind schedule so we had to wait. Finally, they called us back and placed us in a holding bay. As we sat there, my bladder filled (has to be full for transfer) and the curtain opened. The new doctor introduced himself and proceeded to say the best news I’ve heard in a long time. He said we had 2 healthy embryos to transfer. Hubs and I were over the moon. Took all my strength not to burst into tears right there. As I prepped for the procedure, I couldn’t stop smiling. We were going to transfer TWO embryos. We barely had one the last time. This was our second full IVF cycle and to have 2 babies to transfer was such a blessing.

Today starts our TWW (Two Week Wait) and I’m officially PUPO (Pregnant Until Proven Otherwise). You learn all these fun acronyms in all the awesome support groups out there. I hope to enjoy this time of hope and growth. Whatever the outcome, I am forever grateful for this experience.


Transfer Troubles — August 15, 2016

Transfer Troubles

Today I had my pre-op appointment for our second IVF transfer. Doc came in and did the probing. He had another doc shadowing him. Nothing like a party around your who-ha. As he’s doing the exam, he mentions my fibroid.We have been moving forward with this transfer instead of pursuing surgery. We were hopeful and relieved, but after today, I’m discouraged and wondering if we’re doing the right thing. I’ve been banking on this working. I wasn’t going to try and protect myself and not get my hopes up. I did that last time. Why should I do that again? I know what grief feels like, but today left me feeling like I’m going to be heartbroken again. Doc was not encouraging at all, but we are proceeding with the transfer. We need a miracle. I know this. Conceiving is a miracle in itself – IVF or not. I shared all these feelings with the hubs and as usual, he talked me down. Thank the Lord for him.

As my sweet friend, Kari reminds me, “Proclaim it in the name of Jesus!” Well as troubled as today left me, I’m here proclaiming that this is going to work and surrendering it Him.

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