Work — June 29, 2015


This week is all about WORK. Work (day job), freelance, fertility and of course and most importantly, working on myself. I saw my counselor today and she mentioned “balance”. Such a hard thing to practice. I know that this week will be especially hard for me to stay balanced. I’m a bit overwhelmed, in a good but stressful way.

So in an effort to keep the balance, I’m going to cut this short so I can go take care of myself. And how do I plan to do that? I’m going to finish watching my hallmark movie, do some yoga, and then cook dinner. Tomorrow is blood work for hubs and me so it’s going to be an early night for us.

How do you WORK on balancing your life?

5th — June 22, 2015


Okay so this is my 5th blog post. Not sure if anyone is out there, but hoping for a response at some point. Either way, I think I’m starting to enjoy this practice. As I sit here and listen to Stacey Kent, typing to you all, I’m reminded to exhale and reflect on all that I have to be grateful for in this life.

On the fertility front, hubs and I are attempting to take another step toward IVF. This month will hopefully be his blood work and then lastly will be the HSC. Not looking forward to that one. Lately, the fertility clinic has not been the best with correspondence. Hoping to let go of that and move forward with forgiveness in my heart. Very difficult to do at times, when you’re already stressed about being in this position. I had a moment of stillness this morning in bed and thought I heard God whisper to me. I thought I heard Him say that I wont be able to have a baby. Was that Him? Or was it my self-doubting critic that I’ve become so accustomed to hearing in times of trial, kicking me while I’m down? God only knows, but I’m going to choose faith and not failure in this scenario.

I can do all things through him who strengthens me. – Phil 4:13

Peace — June 15, 2015


I was able to meeting some awesome new women yesterday at my blog ministry meeting. I’m really excited to be a part of it. I’m new to the blogging world, but not so new to writing. I used to write poetry as a teenager. It was so therapeutic. I miss that. I’m hoping this blog becomes more of that for me.

On the baby side of things, it’s looking like another month has flown by with no baby to show for it. I’m feeling so conflicted on what to do next. We have a few things left to do on the IVF checklist, but I’m really wanting to take my time doing them. Is that so wrong? I want to remember to keep breathing through this process and to find peace and positivity throughout it. Such a struggle for me, but so necessary.

Question of the day: What brings you peace?

Manic Monday…whoa — June 8, 2015

Manic Monday…whoa

So today started with a call to the bank followed by 5 meetings at work and then a trip to see my counselor. Yep! I see a counselor. I am a firm believer in tending to my mental and emotional health and boy did I need it today. Monday can be a hard day, but today felt loaded with stress. After leaving my counselor’s office, I felt better. I vented and then was reminded to take care of myself. I always appreciate that reminder. I know I’ve written it here before, but it is an effort to remember and truly practice self-care.

Although the day was swept away in “have to” appointments, I’m taking the night back! Need to get back on track with my quiet time and hopefully squeeze in a little yoga too. Hope you all are having a great Monday night. Here’s to a peaceful and productive week.

Bookmarked this verse today:
for it is God who works in you to will and to act in order to fulfill his good purpose – Phil 2:13

Okay… — June 1, 2015


Okay so here’s where I’m at, I’m taking a breather this month. Taking a break from the blood work (although I had some done), ultrasounds, meds, phone calls and overall state of panic. I need a break. And I’m going to allow myself to have one. For the past 6+ months I’ve been in a rush to get pregnant. As they tell you, “time is of the essence”. I agree with them, but it’s important to take time for yourself too. I need this next month to remember my life before I try to make another one.

As I take this break, my prayer is for God to keep working on me. He’s done so much in me this past year. The courage and strength He’s given me has been an unexpected gift. I’m grateful and hopeful that He’ll continue to guide me on this bumpy baby road.

PS – I’m declaring this Me Monday!

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