This past week I’ve been making my way through a YouVersion reading plan called Worry by Markey Motsinger. It’s been hitting so close to home. Here are some tasty nuggets of wisdom I bookmarked from it:

“God’s peace acts as a protective hedge for our heart and mind. It keeps our mind from being engulfed and overwhelmed with thoughts that lead to nothing but destruction, un-productivity and hurt. It stops our heart from becoming so heavy that we give up. God rarely just makes our problems disappear but He will provide us with a peace that allows us to think clearly, take the next step and to plan for tomorrow. His peace is a reminder that He is in control and that we don’t need to be paralyzed with worry or bitter with grief and anger”

I find this so comforting. Knowing that God is in control and that I don’t need to be held back by my worry, bitterness, sadness, or whatever I’m feeling. He can and will bring a super natural peace and FREE us from all that plagues us. I realize our challenges wont disappear, but believing that He will deliver us from our distress and replace it with peace and His plan is awesome!