What does friendship mean to you? To me, it means connection, empathy, fun and much more. This journey has illuminated these relationships in my life. It’s allowed me to experience a supernatural support from so many amazing people. I didn’t know this kind of compassion existed, but it does and we (hubs and I) have these incredible people in our lives! We’re scared and we’re not sure where we’ll end up, but either way, we have family and friends that support and love us.

Sometimes I wonder if somehow I’ll be less of a wife or even a woman if I can’t have a baby. But I know that WE will be okay no matter what happens because of the people God’s placed in our lives and will cross our paths in the future.

My friend, Marsha sent me the most heartfelt message this past week. I cried in the Publix parking lot while reading it. She said that she was praying for us and believed we are going through this to minister to others who might be going through the same thing and that the fear I’m feeling will help in relating to those that we help. She also said that she really believed that I’d be a momma someday. Oh shoot–there are those tears again…