Late writing this week. Monday just got away from me. These past few weeks have been tough. Lots to do and lots of anxiety around it all. This is something I’ve read on more than one occasion recently:

“The secret to personal change is something you know. You know the truth. When you change the way you think, it changes the way you feel. And when you change the way you feel, it changes the way you act.”

God talks to us in a way we’ll understand. It took me a few times reading this for it to really sink in. My mind definitely gets twisted by stress, worry, anxiety and this for sure affects the way I feel and act. My body gets twitchy and panicking. But it takes an effort to change the way you think. I mean how do you really do this? I have an idea and sometimes it actually works, but I think the real question is, how do we do this instantly? I have no patience with myself. I want to change the way I think/feel/act as soon as possible! I guess that’s a huge part of the lesson. Taking the time to meditate, pray, reflect, exercise, practice changing the way you think. I’m trying, but some days it is hard to do. Today, right now, I’ll start. Guess it’s better late than never…