So lately I’ve been focused on trust. Trusting God vs. trusting myself. What does it mean to fully trust God and is it okay to trust ourselves? Where is the line? Is there a line? So lately I’ve been telling myself this, “Trust Him in me”. Might sound weird, but this gives me confidence and comfort knowing that He’s always with and in me. If I truly let go and let God I feel that release. That release of needing to always have it together and be in control. It’s freeing. This has been a tremendous help with my anxiety. Also, my small church group last week prayed over me and reminded me of the Footprints poem. I used to love this poem when I was growing up. I’m just now realizing how true it is.

On the fertility front, we have our baseline ultrasound and blood work this Friday. Plan to order the meds tomorrow and I believe we’ll be starting stimulation this weekend. I’m certainly nervous, but one day/one hour at a time is what I’m trying to practice along with trusting in Him and Him in me.

Thirty day Word challenge still going on and loving it #30dayword

Love you guys!