Day 3 of stims. Had blood work this morning. I was so nervous! Nervous because it felt so much more real and that my levels would be insufficient and my meds would get upped. However…I’m in the normal range and meds are staying the same. Hallelujah! Ultrasound and more blood work on Saturday. Ahhhh!!!!

The Facebook support group I joined is such a great resource. Met someone in there that lives close by, has the same doc and started stims the same day as me. Amazing! Total God wink 😉

The shots themselves are going okay. Not painful and hubs sets it all up for me and I do in the actual injection. He’s such an awesome teammate. I came home last night to signs posted all over the house. Signs of encouragement telling me I’m a rock star, brave and that I can do it! I love him and I’m beyond grateful that he loves me back. God is strengthening our marriage through this journey. Something else to be thankful for 🙂