It’s Monday again! ME Monday. Saw my counselor today. Was nice to reflect on current blessings and how I’m practicing self-compassion. Been trying to journal more. Especially when something is really speaking to me. Funny how God will keep sending you the same message until you “get it”.

Yesterday, I truly allowed myself to just BE. I didn’t push myself into my usual SHOULDS. I SHOULD clean this. I SHOULD go food shopping. I SHOULD tend to this…too many SHOULDS. The result of this was a peaceful evening with my husband. He returned from playing golf and we went food shopping together and then got some take out for dinner. Very relaxing. It was so great.

What SHOULDS can you let go of today? God wants to spend time with us right where we are, not after we accomplish everything on our to do list. Pretty amazing how God will make time for everything we need to do when we put Him first on our list.

A man should look for what is, and not for what he thinks should be. –Albert Einstein