It is here. Tomorrow, we have our consult about our transfer. I’m so nervous. Excited too. Okay so to battle my nerves. I’m gonna make a gratitude list here and now.

1 – I am grateful for IVF (this is a shocker to me)

2 – Grateful for our doc and nurses

3 – For my hubs attending the appt. with me

4 – For another day of vacation (practicing self-love)

5 – For the love and support in my life (you know who you are)

There are many more, but you know I like to keep my blog posts short. These are the top 5 that are coming to mind right now.

Something else to be grateful for – We just got back from vacation. It was great. Took me a while to unwind (not that I fully know how to do that), but it was needed. Hubs and I did a jet ski tour and it was a blast! Nothing like going full throttle to make your troubles melt away. Perhaps this should be a part of a typical IVF protocol đŸ˜‰