It’s amazing how much can change in one week. Last week was a dark, scary, and stressful time. It was a not-so-fun combo of Aunt Flo, deciding to do the transfer and then starting the meds. This week is calmer and more settled. Hormones seem to be stabilizing. Thank you Lord.

Every day is new and it is absolutely necessary to stay in the present. Counselor affirmed me last week by saying she was glad we made the decision to do the transfer because it allows me/us to focus on the here and now. Here and now we have the one little embryo waiting for us. Going through a fresh round of IVF and banking more embryos would have been focusing on the future. Didn’t think of it like that, but so glad to hear that perspective.

Let’s conclude with a few positive affirmations:
We are strong – I am STRONG
We are courageous – I am COURAGEOUS
We are loved – I AM LOVED