Day 6 of transfer meds! Currently on lupron and just finished up BC. AF on the way and then another appt. on Friday. Oh the wonder of hormones! I think I’m doing okay with it all. Moment by moment is how I live these days. Pray without ceasing! I appreciate any and all steps I take. It could literally be walking into work. I give thanks for all of it.

Read a devotional today about the key to balancing our lives is making Jesus the center of our lives. I love this. A question that I reflected on,

“How do you do know what you’re building your life around? Take a look at whatever you think about the most. That’s what is driving you.”

It didn’t take me long to arrive at the answer. It’s ME. I think about ME the most. And although there’s nothing wrong with self-care and I’m definitely trying to practice that more, I’m talking about all the ME stuff that doesn’t help ME. Like what I’m dreading, fearing, or worried about. These are the things that I give way too much attention to. I want to change my lenses. I want to stop looking through the binoculars (looking ahead) and view my life through the lens of hope.