Declaring it ME Monday again! Tonight I will focus on the positive and appreciate the small wins of the day:

  • Got through work (successfully)
  • Afternoon Starbucks excursion with my dear friend Patty (Merry Monday-half off fraps!)
  • Heard from a new counselor (looking into transitioning to someone new)
  • Texted with my sister in Haiti (on a cruise with my mom)
  • Had my quiet time when I got home (bible and journal)
  • Received a package (Christmas gifts)
  • And last but not least–I’m watching a Hallmark movie as I write this blog! (My Boyfriend’s Dogs)

IVF Update: Day 3 of phase 2 of transfer (lupron, estrace, zpak). Next appointment is on Friday (ultrasound & blood work). But today is Monday and today is for ME…and baby to be 🙂