Meds (estrace) went up today. Upping meds always makes me a little nervous, but I’m getting through it! Next appointment is Friday. It will be an ultrasound, blood work and pre op for transfer. Let me say that again–TRANSFER! My baby embryo will be transferred into my uterus. This is blowing my mind!!!

Speaking of minds being blown, this morning I looked in the mirror and told myself that I’m gonna be a mom. I know it’s not my call and it’s in God’s hands, but I said it and I believed it. This made me smile. That’s a first for me. This whole experience has been so anxiety inducing that it’s almost impossible to feel good about it. But the anxiety cloud lifted for a moment and I allowed myself to truly believe.

Tis the season for believing in miracles. I hope to be one of God’s many miracles this Christmas.