It finally happened! We transferred our one and only embryo today. What a miracle.

Day started out with nerves (woke up pretty early). As the morning progressed, I rested and reflected on the day to come with a huge orange cat on my lap. It was nice. Took my time getting ready. Wore a new maxi dress (from a friend) and did my hair and makeup. As we left the house, I started chugging my water (need a full bladder for the transfer).

When we arrived, hubs said a lovely prayer in the car. I felt accomplished for just arriving at the office. Paperwork needed to be filled out (yuck) and then they called my name. Hubs came back with me and the nurse walked us through the procedure. While we were waiting for the doc, the nurse asked if my bladder was full. I said, “it’s getting there”. As she left, it hit me like a monsoon! The bladder was full. I then proceeded to pee a little while waiting to change into my gown.

Once I was in the stirrups and they pressed on my belly to see if it was full, I was told we had to wait another 10 minutes for it to fill more! Ahhhh!!!! Thankfully, the nurses were beyond awesome and talked to me the whole time and filled me with hope. So now we wait and hope for 2 weeks until we take our blood test. Wow. Here’s hoping for Monday miracles!