I have missed you all the past 2 weeks! I was in NJ visiting family and then last week I decided to do yoga instead of blog. Sometimes a break is good.

So, it’s been a month since our negative beta test. Been a tough month, but also an amazing one. Everyone’s compassion, empathy and love have been extraordinary. I’m so grateful for the people in our lives who are praying and grieving with us. They help me have hope.

Now begins the big wait…what do we do and when do we do it? I have no idea when the right time is to start this adventure again. I’m telling myself that waiting for my bod to get back on track is a good thing. And it is, but I’m still dreading going through this again. It’s a tough road and I know my doc is going to want to do surgery. I don’t want surgery. I’m scared. I think I’m gonna try and bundle up all this fear, anxiety, questions and hand it over. Giving it over to you God. Take it and make it beautiful like only you know how to do.

(image taken while visiting family – it was a great trip)