Snorkel — March 30, 2016


I recently went camping with my husband and a few friends in the Ocala National Forest. It was my first camping experience. I was a bit nervous, but that weekend, God showed up in a big way.

While there, we swam in salt springs. Again, nervous – I didn’t know what to expect, but it was like a big swimming pool. The swimming area was walled off and there were stairs to get in. The temperature is a consistent 72º, it was a little chilly for me. It took me a good 10 minutes to gather the courage to dive in. But when I finally did, it was glorious.

Our friends brought snorkel sets for, another first for me. Every time I tried using the snorkel, I choked on water. I think it was a combination of user error, and panic when I realized I had to rely on this little tube to breathe. When I finally “got it,” it was the coolest experience. I’ll never forget it.

When I arrived home, I started to think how God is like our snorkel. We need Him to breathe. We also need to trust He will provide what we need. He is our lifeline.

The Spirit of God has made me, and the breath of the Almighty gives me life. – Job 33:4

Sweet Prayer — March 8, 2016

Sweet Prayer

Yesterday, we celebrated my husband’s birthday with some of our family and friends. We ate yummy food and spent time together. It was a good time. One of the biggest highlights for me was when our friend’s daughter came to give me a hug goodbye and asked to tell me a secret. She covered her mouth and whispered in my ear “daddy and I prayed for you to have a child and I hope you have a child soon.” My heart melted. This sweet girl is praying for our future family. What a gift. It was a great day, but that truly topped the cake for me.

Happy Birthday Babes! I hope this year is a wonderful one and that next year you’ll be a father-to-be. Love you.

hope hole — March 1, 2016

hope hole

We got new windows in the house. They are awesome. But there’s one window in particular that we are especially enjoying. A new picture window in our bedroom. We didn’t have any windows in our bedroom and for a long time we’d dreamed of having one installed but we didn’t think it would actually happen. From the 5 quotes we received, only 1 of them said it was possible. It gave us hope. And I know it sounds strange, but this little picture window gives me hope.

What was once a dream and seemed unlikely, is now a reality. Perhaps this is a stretch, but this makes me think of our dream to become parents. There’s always hope.

“A window—it’s more entertaining than TV. Just ask a cat looking out, or a man looking in on a life he desires.” ― Jarod Kintz

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