Trinity — May 4, 2016


The other night I was saying my nighttime prayers and did what I’ve always done since I was a kid, I crossed myself. I was brought up Catholic and this is what you do when you pray. I find it very comforting, but never put much thought as to why. Until the other night…

As I touched my forehead and said “Father” I realized that Father God is in total command of my mind. That is such a relief. I don’t know about you, but some crazy a$$ thoughts travel through my noggin. I need Him every second of the day to release those negative thoughts to.

Then I said “Son” as I touched my heart. Jesus wants to make my heart His home. Deep down I’m empty without Him in it. I need Him to fill every nook and cranny. We all know how it feels when our heart aches. With Jesus as the head of our heart home, we’re sure to find that peace that goes beyond understanding.

Last but not least, “The Holy Spirit” (shoulders). The Holy Spirit is still revealing Himself to me. If I call Him, He will come. He guides and protects me. He is fully God. He is alive. He walks beside me, goes before me, follows behind and carries me through this crazy life.

The next time you cross yourself, think about what you’re saying and doing. Open your mind, heart and body. And then invite the Father, Son and Holy Spirit into your life.

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