Yesterday we arrived at the clinic nervous, anxious and not sure what to expect. We had one normal embryo we were hoping to transfer and another we had to re-biopsy. They were running behind schedule so we had to wait. Finally, they called us back and placed us in a holding bay. As we sat there, my bladder filled (has to be full for transfer) and the curtain opened. The new doctor introduced himself and proceeded to say the best news I’ve heard in a long time. He said we had 2 healthy embryos to transfer. Hubs and I were over the moon. Took all my strength not to burst into tears right there. As I prepped for the procedure, I couldn’t stop smiling. We were going to transfer TWO embryos. We barely had one the last time. This was our second full IVF cycle and to have 2 babies to transfer was such a blessing.

Today starts our TWW (Two Week Wait) and I’m officially PUPO (Pregnant Until Proven Otherwise). You learn all these fun acronyms in all the awesome support groups out there. I hope to enjoy this time of hope and growth. Whatever the outcome, I am forever grateful for this experience.