Went to the pool today with a new friend and splashed around with the kids. It was fun. How often do you allow yourself to have fun? I’m not so good at it, but I’m getting better. I used to associate fun with being unproductive or irresponsible, but once you have a kid…fun is a necessity.

PLAY is such a release. I don’t think we ever realize how much we need it until we deprive ourselves of it. One time I came home from work and sat under the kitchen table with my kid. We tore up paper and threw it up in the air. Sounds messy, but isn’t life in general messy? I would rather have fun making a mess I know I can clean up instead of fixating on the mess that is life and know that I can’t clean it up.

Take away: Have fun! Play. Find the inner kid in you this summer and embrace them.