2 things — June 28, 2019

2 things

First – 

Tucha, our beloved cat passed away last week. It was awful. If you’ve ever lost an animal, you get it. He was 17 years old and passed naturally. It was wonderful to be with him til the end, but also torture. So so sad. But I know he’s chilling with his sister now.

A few days ago, I was journalling and reflecting on Tucha’s passing and asked God for a sign to know he was okay. I knew it wasn’t right to ask, but it’s what came out as I journaled. I was feeling so conflicted about it. That same night, as I was closing the blinds in the front room before bed, I saw a cat outside that looked exactly like Tucha! I know it sounds weird, but I have never seen a stray cat in our neighborhood and to see one right in front of our house, looking exactly like Tucha…it was my sign. We stared at each other for a good minute before he ran off. It was so cool. I was grateful for it.

Second – 

We’ve officially been living in our new house for 1 year. Craziness. This past year has been a little nuts, but I love living here. St. Augustine just feels like home. It’s quaint, coastal and historic. What’s not to love?

Although we are loving our new home, neighborhood, family, and friends, we’re currently on a faith walk. Hubs and I are currently both self-employed and it’s tough. Not knowing when the next paycheck is coming in is hard to accept. I know God has me on this journey to teach me reliance on Him and so much more that I probably can’t see right now. If you’re on a faith walk like me, how do you find that daily peace? I have my tools (devotionals, podcasts, blogs, etc.) but I’d love to know how you keep the faith. It’s such a journey.

Here’s to 1 year and many more to come!

sister signal — June 5, 2019

sister signal

A friend of mine recently lost a pet. It was sudden and so sad. Because we live 2 hours apart, I sent up the SISTER signal. You know how Batman has the bat signal? Same idea. I sent a text to all my girls, told them what happened, and that my friend needed someone to be with her. Thankfully, someone was available. She went to be with her and helped bury her precious pet.

Later that night, I received a call from that reliable, mutual friend of ours. She said that our friend needed me. That’s all I needed to hear. I drove there the next day and hugged her for a long time. We cried together.

When the SISTER signal goes up. You answer it.

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