I started a new YouVersion bible plan today called Restart. Here was the first day’s assignment:

  • Make a list of where you need to see your attitude change with God. Identify and list areas of sin, fear, rebellion, distrust and replace that with faith, promise, hope and gratitude through prayer
  • Make a list of major mistakes or shortcomings in the past year that you do not want to see repeated.
  • Talk to your spouse, parents, friends and Pastors to find our what they see about you that you do not see.

That was only the first day! Tough, right? I just journaled the first part of this exercise. It wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be, but it was a challenge. Reflecting on sin is hard. Coming to terms with weakness and fault is challenging. My list consisted of things like wanting control, not fully trusting, blaming myself, and impatience.

I also listed out how to replace my fears and faults with faith, His promises, and hope. This list was my favorite. Realizing that through it all, we’re not alone and that if we were perfect, we wouldn’t need Jesus. I’m grateful to have areas to improve and to know that we can always Restart.