Today consisted of work, haircut for D, takeout, coffee, surfing, leftovers, time with neighbors and ice cream! At the end of the day, all was great. God is definitely at work in this life that’s unfolding before me.

With all the great stuff, I still struggle with the what if thoughts. However their power is weaker. I feel my triggers, but God is transforming the worry into reliance on Him.

I think as women, we beat ourselves up for feeling a certain way when things are going well. We like to justify our anxieties, but the truth is, sometimes it just creeps up on you. The guilt of that can spawn shame and more worry about “the why”. But what if we’re not meant to know the why and just need to give it over to God. What if we are feeling this way because it’s an exercise of trust.

I hope you can find and feel His grace. Here’s to a fruitful Friday and weekend!

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