J&J — October 24, 2019


Thursday morning. Watching/listening to Julie & Julia as a click away at my work. This movie reminds me of this blog that I started several years ago during the onset of my fertility journey. It helps me to release the day-to-day nuttiness of this world. It allows me to connect with all of you. To relate and be relatable.

This movie also reminds me of my love of cookbooks. I collect them. I decorate with them. I also work my way through them as Julie does in this movie. I don’t do every recipe, but I do start at the beginning. I cook the ones that appeal to me and my family. I save the ones that are successful. The criteria for successful is whether or not I would want to eat and make it again. I have a pinterest board of my confirmed delish recipes here. These are my craves and favs.

I hope you all have a wonderful rest of your week. Remember to take the time to find inspiration and connect with those that you love.

Worth & Work — October 18, 2019

Worth & Work

I’ve been wanting to tackle this subject for a while because I have put so much of my worth in my work. Recent events finally gave me the motivation to pull the trigger on this topic.

Yesterday, a lot of people I know were laid off. I’m so sad for them and for the company. They lost so many valuable people, but unfortunately, this is the corporate way.

Which brings me to the point of this post. I recently read a devotion about finding our worth in our work. I have struggled with this in the past and although I’m not healed, I am working on it. The author spoke of moving to a new town and leaving behind her career/job that had given her “a tremendous sense of importance and influence.” Her established history, reputation and authority had become a comfortable companion. Can you relate to this? I definitely can.

She goes on to say that although there’s nothing wrong with the above, it’s the pride that can become the “stumbling block” or an “idol” to us. When we look for our significance in a job, we can become complacent and struggle to move forward. To move forward in being pruned and molded by Our Creator. He has the best plan for us. Our plans will ALWAYS pale in comparison to His bigger purpose for our life and our life is not defined by our work on this earth.

When I lost my 9-5 job in April, I felt like a complete failure. I knew it wasn’t true, but my emotional and prideful sides took over and convinced me that I had failed. I didn’t have worth now that I was out of work. What am I going to do now? God surprised me. He’s still surprising me…


freedom@40 — October 9, 2019


I turn 40 years old today. I started the day with a lapse in memory which made me feel old and resulted in tears. Can you tell I’m struggling with this birthday?

I’ve been slacking on blogging lately. I’ve been super busy on the work front, which is a total blessing. But—I want to be sure I don’t lose what has helped heal me. God has a lot in store for me and I am grateful for this time I’ve had with my family. It’s been hard financially, but we’ve had amazing support from family and friends.

The number 40 is teaching me is that I’m free to be who I am. Free of the fake and phony. Free of all the falsehood that’s in this world. I plan on cherishing this year for what it is.


Anniversary — October 3, 2019


I took about a week and a half off from writing. I’ve missed it. It’s been a busy time. Lots of work (thanking God for that!) and life happening.

Today is my 8th wedding anniversary. Eight years with my best friend. He’s the best and today I had the best day with him. His mom (nana) came to watch the tater tot while we went out to lunch and a movie. It was awesome. We had the restaurant to ourselves and an amazing waiter. The food was unreal to the point that I wanted to unbutton in the booth so I could keep eating. Then we saw Ad Astra. Very good. I really wasn’t sure what to expect but I really liked it. An astrological drama. Highly recommend.

This time last year, I was in deep grief. So much so, my husband was taking me to a psychiatrist on our anniversary. I was grieving our move. Moving away from my family, friends, home, job. It was a tough time. It’s incredible how much can change in a year.

Thank you God for your daily renewal and letting us see Your light through the dark times.

hubs hand-drawn anniversary card to me ❤
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