Thursday morning. Watching/listening to Julie & Julia as a click away at my work. This movie reminds me of this blog that I started several years ago during the onset of my fertility journey. It helps me to release the day-to-day nuttiness of this world. It allows me to connect with all of you. To relate and be relatable.

This movie also reminds me of my love of cookbooks. I collect them. I decorate with them. I also work my way through them as Julie does in this movie. I don’t do every recipe, but I do start at the beginning. I cook the ones that appeal to me and my family. I save the ones that are successful. The criteria for successful is whether or not I would want to eat and make it again. I have a pinterest board of my confirmed delish recipes here. These are my craves and favs.

I hope you all have a wonderful rest of your week. Remember to take the time to find inspiration and connect with those that you love.