swift season — December 18, 2019

swift season

Life has gotten a little nutty. Not in a bad way, but in a I don’t have a lot of time kind of way. I’m back working full-time (praise the Lord). I am truly enjoying it. Getting back to it has been challenging. Making time for the important things is imperative. My current daily morning routine involves waking up before the boys, reading my daily devo, A Moment to Breathe (which I’m loving), short workout, meditation/prayer (from Abide app), breakfast, shower/get ready for work. Although I work from home (such a blessing), I still get ready as if I was going into the office. I am frequently video conferencing and need to maintain a professional appearance. My days vary with tasks/chores/work, but for the past month I’ve protected 1 day a week, Sunday. I can’t say it’s a true Sabbath, but I am committed to not work on that day. As a result of this sabbath, God has shown me true grace and strength throughout the week. The endurance He provides me feels supernatural at times. So cool to be reminded of His greatness and to remember that He’s so much bigger than me and my circumstances.┬áThis Christmas season has flown in fast and I just hope for all of us to be able to take pause and reflect on what God is doing in our lives. Much love and Merry Christmas!


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