Sunday Funday — January 19, 2020

Sunday Funday

Sunday in my household is usually watching church online (love and miss my old church dearly) and then chores, maybe a nap, but mostly relaxing and attempting to observe the sabbath.

As I type this, I’m watching my toddler on the baby monitor fight his nap time. We recently transitioned to a big boy bed and life has not been the same. We wake up every morning to find a toddler sleeping on the floor next to his baby gate at the entryway of his room. We fought it at first. We thought that discipling him into bed would work. But then we invited some friends over who have a 13 and 3 year old and they imparted some wisdom. They said, “Who cares. He’ll figure out eventually that sleeping in his bed is better than the floor.”

Duh. Why didn’t I think of that? Him sleeping on the floor didn’t do any harm. Ultimately, I just wanted him to be safe and sound in his bed and basically listen to ME. Ugh. How this lesson can be applied to a lot in our lives. We fight and fight and fight and ultimately, surrendering is the better route to take. Also, God has enormous patience with us. How he probably longs to see us safe and sound in our beds but instead we push back and do whatever it is we want to do. The hope is that we all eventually figure it out. That we find our true comfort in Him rather than in our own ways.

Time for a nap.


19. — August 20, 2019


p – Speaking of pee…(warning: tmi heading your way!) I’m in the midst of a bladder infection and it’s making me nuts! I struggle with health anxiety and it’s no fun to be worried about an infection that just won’t clear up. Ugh. But I will praise him for putting an amazing group of people around me for support and help (mom, neighbors, hubs, docs). Thank you, Lord for them and for making me take stock in their wisdom and compassion in the midst of this circumstance.

Also, grateful for a job interview I have tomorrow!

r – Please forgive me for doubting and worrying. I know you’ve got me and this.

a – I ask for healing. I ask for guidance and for You to speak through me tomorrow during my interview. I also would love my son to have a great day at school tomorrow without any bite marks.

y – yes yes yes!

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Happy Sweet Sixteen! — August 16, 2019

Happy Sweet Sixteen!

Let’s get to it!

p – praise

Thank you Lord for allowing me to arrive safely to my appointment today and for my counselor 🙂 I might have mentioned this before, but I see a Christian counselor. I started on my therapy journey about 8 years ago and I’m a huge advocate of it. Like getting a massage, it’s something I do for ME and overall well-being (emotionally, mentally & spiritually).

r – repent

Please forgive me for getting swept up in my emotions and anxiety at times today. I was a bit anxious traveling to a new location. I also was a bit nervous about going to see my counselor. Although I’m a huge proponent of it, it’s hard work and getting back into the swing of it (she had been traveling) was a bit daunting. We all tend to default to what’s comfortable and I like to be comfy! Releasing and sharing to someone is freeing and healing, but it can reveal some stuff that I didn’t realize was buried.

a – ask

I ask for continuous healing over my anxiety and protection over my family. As I mentioned, my son got bit by another child yesterday at school. He’s healed quite quickly (TYL), but I do get concerned about him learning to do that to someone else. I ask for guidance in raising my child to know not to return harm with harm.

y – yes

Do not be anxious about anything, but in every situation, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God. And the peace of God, which transcends all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus. – Philippians 4:6-7 (NIV)

Day 15 — August 15, 2019

Day 15

Ahhh – my kid got bit today. Bit by another kid. He didn’t make a peep about it to the teacher so she didn’t know. She noticed it right before we picked him up. Breaks my heart. He points to it and says “boo boo”. It’s so hard not to get mad. Hubs wants him to stand up for himself. I do too. On the way home, I pointed to his arm and told him to tell them to stop and to tell the teacher. Ugh…and so it begins…

P – Praise
Thank you for my forgiving child. He’s teaching me how to be.

R – Repent
Forgive me for judging people and parents. Help me to forgive them and the situation.

A – Ask
I ask for restraint/discipline for the child that bit mine. I pray for his parents.

Y – Yes

Instead, be kind to each other, tenderhearted, forgiving one another, just as God through Christ has forgiven you. – Ephesians 4:32 (NLT)

Day 7 — August 7, 2019

Day 7

P (praise)

So grateful for a day of chill before Meet the Teacher Day tomorrow morning!

R (repent)

Sorry for getting angry while cleaning the litter pan today. My old cat has decided to use the bathroom wherever he chooses and it makes me want to curse.

A (ask)

Please be with us tomorrow as we meet my son’s new teachers.

Y (yes)

I will teach all your children, and they will enjoy great peace. – Isaiah 54:13

Saturday — August 4, 2019


Here we go…

P – Praise
Good time with the girls this morning and a successful playdate! Thank you, Lord.

R – Repent
Please forgive me for sweating some of the small stuff today. Worry is not where you want me and I know I need to put my trust in You.

A – Ask
I pray for faith. Faith that You have us and me at ALL times. Help me to always remember that truth.

Y – Yes

Faith shows the reality of what we hope for; it is the evidence of things we cannot see. – Hebrews 11:1


wind down wednesday — July 24, 2019

wind down wednesday

So much for wellness Wednesday. I am at home, congested, sitting on the couch, trying to enjoy the slow-down of life. Please note: I did get dressed today!

We took our son to the library, got a few books and movies. It was our early afternoon outing. Thankfully, little man ate his lunch like a pro and went down for a nap. No nap for me. I decided to make today my semi-sabbath. I was hustling and bustling a bit this past weekend so today I decided to catch up on my online bible study and chillax on the couch with the cats. It’s definitely what I needed physically, mentally, and spiritually. Hubs is at the gym and it’s raining. It’s a good day to be in. Slowing down can be hard, but God has a way of knowing what’s best for us. Hope you all are enjoying your week. Don’t forget to take time for YOU.

one year ago… — July 5, 2019

one year ago…


  • I was starting a new job. A job I took over another. I left a life of “security” and moved on to what I thought would be the next and final work chapter of my career. But it wasn’t meant to be. I was let go 9 months later.
  • My son wasn’t walking. He was cruising, but no full walking on his own yet.
  • I was celebrating 1 week in my new home with my husband and son. It was home, but not really, not yet. I love to nest, but wasn’t really able to due to starting my new job so quickly after the move.
  • I had just had an awesome 4th of July celebration with my family and in-laws up the street. A big reason we moved here when we did was them. They moved here 2 months prior. It’s so nice having family close by.
  • I was still in the honeymoon phase. Life’s changes are fun at first, but eventually you remember. You remember what you’ve moved from and what’s to come is new and uncertain. It’s scary. It took about a month before my rose colored glasses fell off my face.


  • I’m self-employed and a full time mom. It’s nuts. I struggle almost daily with “oh no” thoughts, but God does provide.
  • My son is now running circles around me. Lord help me!
  • I’ve been in my new home for over a year. Man how time flies. How did that happen? It took quite some time to settle in. Still settling in now, but it’s definitely feeling more like home every day.
  • We celebrated the 4th like crazy yesterday! Went to a friend’s house, ate platters of food (almost puked), swam (almost sank), slid down water slides, & watched fireworks. It was a blast. Gatherings can raise my anxiety a bit, but once it passes, it’s great to experience the joy of people and the spirit of the holiday.
  • The honeymoon phase has officially come and gone. I’ve replaced my rose colored glasses with multi-colored/focal ones. Every day brings new adventures and challenges. I see them. I’m grateful for them. God is guiding me on this faith walk…


Thursday — May 23, 2019


Went to the pool today with a new friend and splashed around with the kids. It was fun. How often do you allow yourself to have fun? I’m not so good at it, but I’m getting better. I used to associate fun with being unproductive or irresponsible, but once you have a kid…fun is a necessity.

PLAY is such a release. I don’t think we ever realize how much we need it until we deprive ourselves of it. One time I came home from work and sat under the kitchen table with my kid. We tore up paper and threw it up in the air. Sounds messy, but isn’t life in general messy? I would rather have fun making a mess I know I can clean up instead of fixating on the mess that is life and know that I can’t clean it up.

Take away: Have fun! Play. Find the inner kid in you this summer and embrace them.


15 — August 1, 2017


So the tater tot is 3.5 months old. People always say “time flies”, but it’s a little too fast for me. He is growing so quickly. I love seeing him thrive, but a small part of me wants time to stand still. Some milestones:

  • size 2 diapers
  • smiling and laughing (the best)
  • picking his head up
  • creeping (crawling on belly)
  • outgrown all newborn clothes
  • mommy got mastitis (no fun)

That last one just happened. Nursing is the best but continues to be challenging especially now with the infection. Hoping/praying it heals quickly. My tot has been pretty patient with me. Dylan is our little miracle man and watching him grow and change every day is such a gift.

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